Tucson native, Stephanie Campos began her love for drawing at a young age. During an art project in kindergarten, her teacher called her parents to inform them she was an artist. That led to art supplies and encouragement. At age 13, she created her first realistic portrait and found her passion in drawing/painting the human face. 

Through the years, she explored various media: pastel, oil, and acrylic, before settling on charcoal as her preferred choice for its contrasting range of highlights and dark tones.

Having no formal training, she draws while keeping a persistent eye on her subject to examine the fine detail. With every line, shadow and highlight, she re-creates the unique traits of the individual onto paper.

Inspiration for her Native American portraits come from an interest in her family’s Cherokee ancestry and the hardships they endured during the 1800’s.

“Each person I draw begins like an exciting new adventure. I find it intriguing that someone can share similar features, but no two people look exactly alike. I enjoy getting to know their faces and expressions and contemplate the life they led in this world.”